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Once upon a time, in Varanasi, a renowned ancient city, there lived an elephant. This elephant belonged to a wealthy merchant of the city, who regarded it as his most precious possession. However, one day, the elephant fell ill, and the merchant was at a loss on how to nurse it back to health.

The merchant summoned everyone who had knowledge about the elephant's illness, but despite their efforts, the elephant's condition did not improve. Finally, a wise man came to the merchant's side. The sage proclaimed that the cause of the elephant's ailment was the city's atmosphere and advised the merchant, saying, "If you wish to restore the elephant to health, you must take it to a wooded area outside the city."

The merchant heeded this counsel and transported the elephant to the forested area. There, he came to realize that the true reason for the elephant's illness was its life in the city. The natural habitat for elephants is the forest, and urban life had taken a toll on its well-being.

Following this incident, the merchant left the elephant in the wooded area, providing it with attentive care. As the elephant returned to its natural habitat, its health was restored, and it continued its life anew.

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