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When Tariku departed from the hot and dusty Ethiopian lands, imagining what the future held proved to be a challenge. Hope resided in his heart, but he couldn't help but feel a longing for everything he left behind. As he set out towards Morocco, there was both excitement and apprehension within him.

Upon arrival in Morocco, the first thing that struck Tariku was the chaos of bustling markets and the vibrant labyrinthine streets. Nevertheless, he sensed an opportunity to make a fresh start here. He was determined to adapt and build a new life. Though the language barrier posed some challenges, the warmth and kindness of the people alleviated the pangs of homesickness.

Qahwaji had been living in this enchanting city of Morocco for many years. He operated a coffee shop and observed the hustle and bustle of the streets. One day, when Tariku stepped into his shop, Qahwaji gazed at him with eyes that seemed to read his story. An instant connection was forged between them; they both hailed from different lands but had faced similar hardships.

Over time, Tariku and Qahwaji became pillars of support for each other. Tariku's traditional Ethiopian dishes brought a new culinary experience to Qahwaji's coffee shop. Qahwaji guided Tariku about life in the city, introducing him to new friends. Together, they blended the cultures of both Ethiopia and Morocco.

One day, the bond between Tariku and Qahwaji deepened. The time they spent together, shared interests, and their outlook on life drew them closer. Tariku no longer viewed Morocco as just a fresh start; he had also found love alongside Qahwaji.

Several years later, Tariku and Qahwaji walked hand in hand through the streets of Morocco. Tariku felt that the long journey from Ethiopia to Morocco, the meeting with Qahwaji, and their time together had all been worth the challenges they faced. Both had not forgotten their pasts, but now, they looked toward the future together. Ethiopia's warmth and Morocco's vibrancy had come together like a mosaic, painting their shared story.

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